Demat Account Charges

Demat Account Charges

Demat Account Charges & Fees Explained

Demat Account Charges & Fees Explained in this Articles, We will learn every charge in this post so read it carefully,

1 Account Opening charges one time fees=>

Many firms have different charge for account demat account opening and few are not taking charges for demat account opening, click here to get open Free demat account,  account opening charges is one time fees and some bank are also charge for account closing, its mandate to read the complete docs carefully before opening the demat account.

2 Brokerage charge=>

When you do Share Buy or Sell on which bank or brokerage firm takes the brokerage charges, there are 4 categories of trading happens in Share market.

Intraday, Delivery, Futures, options, you can trade any category and it has different meaning and charges in every firm,  When you buy a share and sell in the same day it called intraday trading.

Let’s understand by an example,

ABC Firm has charges 0.0.2% charges on Buy and Sell charges and you buy Rs 100000 Share So You will charge 0.0.2% which is Rs 20.

When you sell the Share in same on Price of Rs 101000 than It will charge 0.02% on the amount it will be Rs 20.2.

So your total brokerage charges will be Rs 40.2 & Now 18% GST will be added to the total amount, it will be Rs 47.4 for this intraday trading.

Demat Account charges

3 Fund Transfer charge=>

There is the small charge for Fund transfer to the demat account, there are many options are available for fund transfer like” Online Payment Gateway, NEFT, IMPS Bank transfer & Cheque,

When you transfer the fund to demat account from bank account firm make the small charges which are Fund transfer charges

4 Annual Maintenance charge=>

Brokerage firm makes the charges for Annual Maintenance charge which start from Rs 150/ year to Rs 900/Year it depend on brokerage firm.

If you have the small capital or small trading than for small investor has BSDA ” Basis Demat account” with BSDA you can save your Annual Maintenance charges in Demat account charges.


5 DP Charges ” Depository Participant Charges=>

Now talk about the DP Charges depends on Brokerage firm generally it start from Rs 12 to 30 and it charges on Sell only.

6 Call & Trade Charges

Now let’s talk about the call & trade charges it will charge when you trade with relationship manager or trade on the call with firm,

Normally its start from Rs 20/ Trade, Rs 15/ Trade but few brokerage firms charges separately, but few companies are taking the big charges for this service and few traditional companies are not charging for this service as well,

Call & Trade Charges in Demat Account

It was Small Knowledge of Charges in demat which charged by Companies or Bank or Brokerage firm while trading in Share market, I hope Now it cleared the Charges of demat account,
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