BTST Calls BTST Calls Strategy

BTST Call means- Buy today and sell today In NSE Market

Before talking about the BSTS Calls let understand the concept of NSE market, in NSE Market if you doing intraday trading whether you buy the shares or sell in a day it called BSTS Means Buy today and Sell today,

Right Now coming to topic whether BSTS?

BTST Calls buy today sell tomorrow

Take a simple example for buy today sell tomorrow stocks

If you buy 100 shares on today than it will not credit in your demat on today it will take 2 more days to credit in account,

Shares will be credited today + 2 more days and normally can be sell after credited in your account But In BTST Scenarios you can sell before it credit in your sell if you see price movement, and you will not get any DP charges in this scenario.

This is an actual benefit BSTS trading techniques,

But lots of the Traders will not wait for the delivery of shares in demat account when they observe the price movement in the Stock they do BTST but chances of a settlement with Exchange is only 98% because you are selling stocks which is unconfirmed(T+1 Shares). 

So, If you sell the unconfirmed stocks there is a chance to go for auction because If you didn’t get shares from the exchange in T+2 days, you will become defaulter and it could be settled in Auction Market with a penalty.

STBT: Sell Today and Buy Tomorrow is not allowed in NSE but it may be in done Derivatives(Futures& Options).

BTST buy today sell tomorrow to get 1% to 2% benefit but there is risk involved in this case,

BSTS is very successful practice by lots of traders in India but they should be cautious with the short delivery.

If traders are planning for BTST, they should select high liquidity stocks and try to avoid penny stocks.


  • Unlike intraday, avail extra time with margin to catch profit
  • Avoid paying DP charges at the time of selling since the shares don’t hit your demat account
  • Convert your position instantly when you’re making intraday losses if you feel tomorrow would be a good day for you 😉


  • If you go for margin on BTST trades then the broker will charge you a particular rate of interest on the borrowed funds
  • Chances of short delivery are high in case of STBT (short selling equity but couldn’t buy it back)

BTST stock recommendations

When you are new in the trading industry you should learn from practice and market and you should involve any trading unless you confirmed and confidence with that,

it will take time to learn than earn than you have the option when you earn while learning,

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