Crude oil trading strategy

Crude oil trading strategies to become an expert

Top 5 Crude oil trading strategies to become a successful trader in Crude oil trading in India?

Crude oil trading strategies a part of commodity trading like gold and silver, but we will talk about the crude oil trading only on today,

So let’s get started,

Before starting in detail you need to understand the basis,

Strategy-1) Decide Quantity:-

I am going to show you one of the examples of an understanding of as Brokering firms are 3 to 5 times limit but you will have to decide quantity before going to enter in trading,

Quantity is also important to handle any sudden movement or recached stop loss,

But if you want to safe and secure trading so that your money could save then you first Strategi is decided quantity.

If you want to safe trading in Crude oil segment than please follow as below,

Trade in 1 Mini Lot if you have capital of 15,000/ So that you can do  50,000/- Capital can Trade 3 Mini Lots.

Little Risky Traders

 Trade 1 Mini Lot per 10,000/- Capital, Means if you have 50,000/- Capital than 5 Mini Lots.

Strategy-2) Find the Best timing to trading

In Crude segment has affected by the much international exchange like NYMEX hence you will have to decide the best timing to trading before you start,

Before you going to decide your time to Crude oil trading just watch the charts, it will show a buy signal and sell signal that will be better timing to trade in Crude otherwise you have to own analysis,

You also can use MACD( Moving Average Convergence/Divergence) along with Volume and EMA( Exponential Moving Average) indicators to trade efficiently and effectively.

Strategy-3) crude oil trading strategy for safe trading

crude oil trading strategy
crude oil trading strategy Date 1-3-2018crude oil trading strategy

crude oil trading strategy Date 1-4-201

  • It Strategy has based on closing price, Candle will be simple and time frame would be 1:00 Hr,
  • every candle has 4 parts open, closed, High and low point, you have to note 2 points high and Low price,
  • On a next day, the market can be open at any point but you have to Keep in min only 2 things,
  • You have to earn 20 Points from this strategy, so if Sell call activate than you have to make Sell stop loss and if Sell call activate than you have to Buy Stop loss,
  • If you make any target and if its achieve than you also make stop-loss trialing if a market is going according to you, otherwise if you exist at from 1st Target than you can get more money,
  • So with this crude oil trading strategy, you can get the 200 to 300 Points in a month after stop loss as well, and you 100% will earn money from crude oil trading strategy.

For an Example as below.

Strategy-4) Don’t become a Greedy

If the market is going to according to you but still you can not make target as expected other if market price sudden goes moved and it can repeat again & in that condition, you can lose the whole amount,

you have to Target step while 10,20,30,40,50, you can not go unexpectedly target beyond 10 at once,

Strategy-5) Learn before the trade

Commodity trading has your own investment hence you can not go entering before half knowledge you have to watch the market and trends approx 30 days before going into this Strategy,

As its very simple method for trading but No one can predictions for actual numbers,

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