how to invest in share market

How To Invest In Share Market

how to invest in share market this is the first question? if you want to earn or invest in Share market in India, We will share in the points to pointwise.

If you want to earn the profit from share market? then you need to follow the below basis points to start the share market trading in India.

Get a PAN or Aadhar card

As per SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India)Regulation, you need a PAN card and Adhar card for starting a trading in India, this is the first step you need to arrange it. PAN card and Adhar card has required for KYC ( Know your client),

You also need 6 Months Bank Statement to Open a demat account & start Share market trading,  Along with Bank Statement you will need Cancelled cheque as well.

Get a broker

You can not do Buy or Selling of Share directly in Share market, it will be done by share broker individuals, Company, or Agency may be but they should be registered with and authorized by Sebi to trade on the stock exchanges,

A broker will charge brokerage fee to assist or do this job.

Open Demat account

You have to open a demat account to start trading, you can open the demat in BANK, Demat account agencies or Private firm as well,

You Firm or companies are charges the Fees, however, are not charging any fees to open the demat accounts, you can Click HERE you register for the Free demat account,

There are other Multiple charges in demat you can read all Charges to Just click HERE,

Start Buying and Selling

In the order to start trading and buy or sell Share in a market, you need t inform to broker the quantity sell or Buy along with rate or price as well,