Refund Policy FAQs

Commodity,Equity tips Service with 100% Money back guaranteed

Refund is applicable only for Paid services with the 3 months plans or more in Commodity & Equity segment,


1. In which scenarios does Capital Research issue refunds?

Refunds are issued by Capital Research only when :

A, Customer has taken the paid Services above 3 Months plan,

B, Customer not earned the profit from our service in complete plan duration of 3 months Services even equal to Amount which paid by customer for paid services

2. What is the amount that is Refunded to me ?

If a customer did not get the profit equal he paid for MCX Tips Service the in whole service duration than he can raise the request for refund 100% for paid Service charges,

Example:- I have paid INR 30000 to Capital Research for their Research Services and within the duration of Paid Service if i not even earned the profit of INR 30000 than I am eligible for 100% refund for these services

3. Can i raise refund request within Services period ?

NO, You can not raise the request or ask for refund within service duration,

4. Am i eligible for refund if i am not trading with given tips Calls in Commodity,Equity segment?

If you are not trading with Our tips calls than you are not eligible for refund because if you trade according to our tips service than you will surely earn the profit from commodity,equity segment,

5. Am i eligible if i am not trading with 100% given call or trading with Less than 100% calls ?

If you are not trading with Our tips calls than How can we help you to get earn profit in trading market if this condition you are not eligible for refund

6. How can profit & Loss will be calculated of services?

We provides the tips for Commodity and equity market, We manage the database and we sent SMS to customer on real time basis via Company sender ID, We will calculate the profit & loss only on our tips calls,

7. Which amount will i get refund in loss condition ?

If you had opted our paid services of Commodity or Equity Services for 3 months or more than validity plan and you did not earned the profit as equal to paid service amount ( Paid Service Charges INR 30000 for 3 Months) & you Did not earned even INR 30000 in complete 3 months with our 100% calls than we will refund your INR 30000,

Note- We will not refund your loss, we will refund your paid Services after 3 months if you followed the all terms as above,

8. What happened if i am dealing with other firm, company or person tips services ?

You can takes services from other along with our services but profit & loss will be calculated only our complete calls and reports, according to our reports if get profit but overall you are in loss than we are not able to provide you any kind of refund,

9. Can i get refund if Service call was correct but my broker not sell or buy on time?

We are providing the tips service we share the required call on real time basis but if you not able to trade accordingly or real time basis than we are not reponsibile for the same, for the fast trading you can take our broking service so that your calls can be place on real time,

10. Can I get a refund for a Paid service?

Yes. You can request refund for a for paid Service with 30 Months or more validity plan simple just send a mail to [email protected]

Please write the complete detail and your complaint description we will evulate the same will contact you on call or via email,

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